Learn How To Defend Yourself & Your Loved Ones Whenever A Situation Arises...
[ No Special Training Required. 
Anyone Can Do This And Everyone Needs It ]
over the last few years, there have been more 
than 1.25 million violent crimes committed 
each year in the United States. 
And before you thought it could not possibly get any worse, 
there has been a marked rise in mass attacks, mass public
shootings, and school shootings.

It can happen any time, anywhere...
This is why you need to know how to protect yourself and your loved ones at any given time
If you’ve ever been faced with a dangerous situation, you’ll know what kind of experience it is and how you’d want to do anything you could to avoid being in that situation again.

And if you haven’t been in a situation like that but are tired of thinking “it can happen to me” then taking a proactive approach to self-defense is one of your best options.
I’m Dennis Stoika
I’m a career FBI supervisory special agent, police officer, and United States marine; expert in reality based self-defense, grappling and striking, firearms and shooting, and functional fitness and nutrition; coach, trainer, speaker, and facilitator; and international best selling author of The 1% Warrior.

During my career, I have been in many life-threatening situations of every kind and have survived.

I am also the founder of Modern Era Warriors and have been sharing my knowledge and experiences with others for over 10 years.

I have had the chance to actively help many people break through their personal barriers and achieve a better understanding of self-defense so they feel safer and confident they can handle whatever situation they find themselves in.

Let me ask you this...
If you were faced with a violent attack today, are you 100% confident you would be able to defend yourself especially if your assailant was bigger and/or carrying a weapon?

Would you be able to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and avoid becoming just another crime statistic and sadly, a victim?

The reality is we are living in dangerous times and it’s only a matter of time before you or someone you know is affected by a crime.

You don’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, do you?
Every day you hear about people falling victim to unfortunate situations where they are left injured (if not dead) and their mental state shattered and traumatized.

And the problem with becoming a victim of crime is the paralysis it puts on your life and lifestyle after it occurs.

Some people simply never recover from the trauma and it can haunt them for the rest of their lives…

...preventing them from doing the things they would usually do.

You Don't Want To Feel
So you enroll in one of the many self-defense training classes out there, spending thousands to have peace of mind only to find out (when it’s too late) that it has failed to equip you with the techniques to keep you safe.
Fortunately, though,
there is an actual viable situation.
I bet you’re asking 
‘What is it?’
It’s a program designed to teach you the skills you need to stay safe in whatever situation you end up in. 

It’s designed to show you the skills and techniques that will help you actively defend yourself or your loved ones in the situations no one wants to end up experiencing.

Because we understand life is unpredictable and you never know who or what is waiting for you at every corner.

With the 6 Week CO-ED Reality Based Self-Defense Challenge, you will learn how to survive from:
  • aggressive hold-ups with a gun….
  • vicious knife attacks…
  • violent strangles, grabs, and holds standing and on the ground…
  • fast and brutal striking scenarios… 
... how to inflict maximum damage on your attacker 
in minimum time so you walk away unscathed from the most brutal and vicious violent confrontations!
Take a look at 
what previous clients have to say 
about the 6 Week CO-ED 
Reality Based Self-Defense Challenge
Dennis Stoika's program is awesome, and you can't find a more concerned instructor anywhere! Dennis genuinely cares about your personal fitness goals, and his years of teaching krav maga shows as he effectively teaches you the techniques. He is patient yet encouraging even when you are frustrated with yourself or your own progress. If you commit to the classes and yourself, you will undoubtedly receive value for what you pay. He regularly introduces limited-time challenges and specialty programs to change up your routine or help "jump-start" your fitness activities. I strongly recommend that you try a class or two of Commando Krav Maga with Dennis to experience an intense workout, and learn some uniquely simple and effective self-defense techniques.  
5 Star Instructor! He told me on the first day that I took his class he could change my life if I did not quit. He pushes you to your limit. I've lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years and he has not only changed my life but given me my life back to me. 
I took the 6 Week Self-Defense and Fitness Challenge and loved it! Dennis is a great instructor and made the class fun, yet challenging. I learned a lot about myself in addition to throwing a proper punch and so much more. In just 6 weeks, I feel much more aware of my surroundings and more confident if I were ever in a situation. Some of the most important techniques I learned from his course were some of the easiest - learning pressure points, blading and deflecting, and footing and balance awareness. I would highly recommend the Woman’s Commando Krav Maga course to any female who wants to learn how to protect themselves or just learn how to kick some butt.
I took the Memorial Day weekend 24 Hour Self-Defense Challenge, and I have to say it pushed me hard and I enjoyed every minute of it. The other students were very helpful and professional. I had a great time and met some great people. Thanks to the Instructor Dennis Stoika. I would highly recommend this life-changing experience.
The point is we live in a dangerous world and without the proper training you may become a victim of a violent crime severely injured or even lose your life.

The good news is this does not have to be your reality. You can learn to defend yourself against any situation, even if it sprung on you unexpectedly.

The good news is you get this peace of mind plus the ass-kicking skills for just $100 when you sign up 
for the program.
Just sign up for the 6 week training and during the next 6 weeks you are going to learn everything you need to know to defend against the most common violent attacks.  

In no time my techniques will become second nature and ingrained into your psyche.

And since it is all video-based training, you get to watch at your own leisure and pace, as many times as you need.

So you do not have to feel pressured to learn everything the first time around.

... and you can get familiar with each of the training videos with ease...

... because the videos are broken up into short, easy to digest, topics.

So you would not need to spend hours and hours watching only to lose interest.

Acting now means you get 
first-hand access to expert training
This will give you the confidence to defend yourself in dangerous situations.

And you will possess the abilities to walk into any situation knowing you 
and your loved ones are well protected.

Learning how to be proactive in dangerous situations will make all 
the difference in how you perceive the outside world.

Do not feel intimidated by walking through dark alleyways 
or going to new neighborhoods on your own.

Or be fearful of a sudden home invasion that have been on the rise.

Learn to defend yourself in any situation and always 
come back home to your loved ones.

Sign up for the 6 Week CO-ED Reality Based Self-Defense Challenge today 
and make certain you never feel powerless or vulnerable again.
Your Questions, 
What makes the CO-ED 6 Week Online Reality Based Self-Defense Challenge Unique?
Modern Era Warriors Founder and Chief Instructor, Dennis Stoika, has extensive experience and expertise in training men and women, law enforcement, military, security personnel, and others to be highly effective and battle ready in the shortest time possible. Dennis designed the CO-ED 6 week online reality based self-defense challenge with the same concepts, principles, and unique training methodology as his in person trainings. During the online course, you will be transformed into a skillful and knowledgeable practitioner. But remember, even after successfully completing this challenge, you will need to keep training to maintain and improve your skills.
Why should I join?
With the growing demand for reality based self-defense, Modern Era Warriors Reality Based Self-Defense has become America’s number one reality based self-defense system. With its no-nonsense, practical, and evolved approach, Modern Era Warriors is quickly spreading. Modern Era Warriors’ system is based on simplicity and effectiveness with a logical progression. Modern Era Warriors caters to the needs of both men and women to defend themselves in dangerous situations in addition to getting them into much better shape physically and mentally. This course is excellent for anyone who wants an introduction into the most common types of attacks and their defenses.
What are the gender and average age of those taking the challenges?
We have trained men and women between 12-80 plus years of age; however, our typical students are 25 - 60 years of age.
Do I have to have prior martial arts experience?
People who have joined us come from all walks of life, with or without prior krav maga or martial arts experience. It is most important students come with an open mind, are ready to adapt to new concepts and principles, and be passionate about sharing their knowledge with others.
What kind of condition should I be in?
The course is focused mainly on techniques and tactics so your main challenge is to keep your concentration and stay mentally strong; however, the challenge can be physically and mentally demanding for those not working out. It is highly recommended you prepare yourself prior to attending this online challenge.
What do I need to get started?
Find a training partner or partners, set up a training space, schedule regular practice sessions, and purchase training weapons (gun and knife) and safety equipment such as eye, mouth, and groin protection.
What if I miss a class or a week?
No worries, start back up right where you left off. Modern Era Warriors is a system based upon simplicity and effectiveness. The techniques taught must be thoroughly practiced to maintain your skill and knowledge; however, this challenge provides you a foundation to build upon.
How can I register for an in person training?
Give us a call on 732-620-2311.
Learn what it takes to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and never feel scared again!
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